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search everywhere Chemicals and Allied Products

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  • A H Marks  Manufacture specialised organic chemicals for the agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, lithographic printing plates, dyestuffs, petrochemicals, polymers, fragrances and surfactants industries.

    Absorption & Expansion Polymers  Supplies additives and products for swelling of elastomers or gaskets by water uptake, absorption of polar liquids and optical application.

    Akcros Chemicals  Major manufacturer of plastic additives, UV / EB curing chemicals and high performance polysulphide chemicals for sealants.

    Albion Chemicals  Bulk and packaged chemicals. Information on products, divisions, locations and environmental policies. [Uses Flash]

    Arven Chemicals Ltd.  Manufacture industrial chemicals and lubricants as well as a range of industrial floor coatings.

    Atlas Polymers  Specialize in the formulation, design, and manufacture of a wide range of polymer systems and ancillary products. Includes details of polyurethanes, epoxies, adhesives, and other products.

    Avecia  Major European manufacturer of Biocides; Display and Electrophotography chemicals; Ink Jet Printing Materials; LifeScience Molecules; Performance and Intermediate Chemicals; Pigments and Additives; NeoResins and Stahl.

    Baxenden Chemicals Ltd.  Manufacturer of Polymer Intermediates for coatings, adhesives, sealants, elastomers and polyurethane foam systems. Company profile and contact details.

    Bayer plc  At Bayer in the UK/Ireland regions, our business activities focus on healthcare, crop science, polymers and chemicals and reflect those of our parent company, Bayer AG, the worldwide diversified chemicals and healthcare group.

    Beocarta Ltd  Specialising in detailed metabolic analysis. Features downloadable publications and news.

    BIP  Multi-product Chemicals manufacturer.

    BP Chemicals  Describes the company and includes a product guide supporting searches by chemical name and market secctor. Also includes recent press releases.

    Brad-Chem  Supplier and distributor of chemicals and basestocks to lubricant and specialised industries, Ciba Speciality Chemicals, FMC Process Additives, Climax Molybdenum, the Fanning Corporation.

    Brunner Mond  Manufacturer and supplier of Soda Ash and alkaline chemicals .

    Catomance plc  Organisation comprising four sales divisions (Catomance, ABL, AMOA and Emcol) supplying speciality chemicals to industry

    Chance & Hunt  Selling industrial and water treatment chemicals worldwide.

    Chemical Industry  Manufactures a diverse range of materials and products which are vital to society.

    Chemipat Ltd.  Manufactures solvent based industrial adhesives, water based adhesives and coatings for industry and the DIY branded and own-brand sectors.

    Chemisolv  Speciality Chemical Company produces products to solve process and waste water problems, within the food, oil refineries, petrochemical, engineering, brewing, pulp and paper, steel, coke making, textile manufacturing, automotive and sewage treatment industries.

    Chemoxy International  Manufacturers offering a wide range of fractional and chemical reaction services.

    Citifluor Ltd  Develops and markets mounting media designed to reduce the fading (bleaching) of the fluorescence of fluorochromes i.e.fluorescent dyes used for labelling biological species.

    CMS Chemicals Ltd  Manufacturer speciality chemicals, carbohydrates, disaccharides, oligosaccharides, protected sugars, pyridine derivatives, isocyanates, organic intermediates and custom synthesis.

    Confederate Chemicals Ltd  Manufacturers of specialist industrial paint and coatings strippers which are methylene chloride free and suitable for use on alloys and aluminium.

    Contract Chemicals Ltd.  Contract manufacture and toll synthesis of organic fine chemicals. Specialising in the areas of amination, cyanation, epichlorohydrin, Friedel-Crafts and thionyl chloride chemistry, bromine chemistry and brominated organics, sequestering agents and micronutrients.

    CRI Catalysts  Dedicated to supplying the most efficient ethylene oxide and emissions control catalysts and associated services to customers throughout the world.

    Croda International Plc  Manufacture speciality chemicals for the personal care, healthcare, plastics and packaging, household products, industrial coatings and photograpic market sectors.

    Dale UK  Manufacturer of chemicals, cleaning products, and paints for all uses.

    Dextra Laboratories  Manufacture and supply a wide range of biomedical carbohydrates to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, universities and research institutes.

    Drawin Vertriebs-GmbH  Drawin provides a variety of solutions for all sorts of complex silicone products.

    Elementis  Elementis is a specialty chemicals company comprising four separate businesses - specialties, pigments, chromium and specialty rubber.

    Epichem  Manufactures high purity metalorganics, gases and associated chemicals for use in the semiconductor and glass coatings industries.

    Excalibur Chemicals  Suppliers of cleaning chemicals, solvents, degreasers, lubricants, industrial machining coolants and catering chemicals.

    FERTECON  Provides market information and consultancy services to the world chemical fertilizer and related industries.

    GeeJay Chemicals Ltd.  Manufacturers and suppliers of desiccant products - silica gel, silica gel sachets and molecular sieves, which adsorb moisture that can cause corrosion and mould growth.

    Harriman Chemsult Limited  A leading consulting company specialising in the chlor-alkali, vinyl chloride, bleaching chemicals and related chemical industries.

    HydraChem Ltd  Specialises in hospital, industrial, and janitorial products, biological activators, water purification, and impregnated wet wipes.

    I H Polymeric Products Limited  Manufacturer of absorption and expansion polymers and other hydrophilic absorption materials and waterbars.

    James Briggs Ltd.  Speciality and consumer chemicals manufacturer. Aerosol specialist.

    Johnson Matthey Catalysts  Process Catalysts and Technologies.

    Kittiwake Developments  Manufacturer of test, sampling, and dosing equipment for fuels, lubricating oils, water, and other process fluids.

    Lancaster Synthesis  Manufacturers over 14,000 organic synthesis products, including many rare and unique compounds, massive on-line catalogue with full product data.

    Lansdowne Chemicals Plc  Manufacture highly specialised chemical reagents of extremely high purity.

    Laporte Fluorides  Supplier of speciality inorganic fluoride chemicals to a large number of industries across the world.

    Lhoist Group  Lhoist UK produces the purest lime available in the UK for both national and international customers.

    Liquids Research Limited  Provides consulting services, and supplies magnetic liquids and ferrofluids.

    LMA-Services  Manufacturers of industrial and agricultural aerosols, and other chemical products.

    MacDermid - W M Canning  Sells and produces synthetic fluids, sealants and adhesives, additives for fuel water, and waste, and surface finishing products.

    MCP Group  Manufacturers of Bismuth, High Purity Indium, Gallium, Tellurium, Selenium, plus other specialist chemicals and alloy's.

    MediChem International  Offers Everything you need for laboratory decontamination and cleaning.

    MEL Chemicals  Zirconium (zirconia) chemical manufacturer dedicates this site to catalysis.

    Merck Ltd  Supply and manufacture of laboratory apparatus, chemical reagents, speciality chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

    Miswa Chemicals  Manufacturer of automotive, home, and wood care chemical products.

    Neste Chemicals UK Ltd.  Alcohols, aldehydes, plasticisers and speciality intermediates. Describes the company and its product range with information about quality, health and safety, and the envirobment.

    Oakmere Technical Services  Creosote, wood preservatives, silk screen cleaning solvents and stencil removing products. Profile and product descriptions.

    Oleotec Ltd  Suppliers of Oleochemicals to a range of industries and sectors.

    R. Simon (Dryers) Limited  Manufacture industrial dryers and coolers for the food and chemical industries.

    Sorex International  Manufacturer and supplier of chemical and non-chemical products. Contact and product details.

    Synprotec  Fine chemical research, development and manufacturing.

    Texchem Ltd  Manufacturer of textile chemical products including bleaching and preparation products, dyeing auxiliaries and finishing products.

    Trithin Products  Trithin Products have been established providers of a wide range of chemicals, petrochemicals, insecticides and specialist chemicals since 1985.

    UK Cleaning Products Industry Association  Trade Association for producers of cleaning, hygiene and surface care products

    Universal Chemicals  Manufacturer of sodium aluminate liquor, aluminium chloride and alumina chemicals, granular zeolites, supported metal catalysts and Raney type chemical recovery.

    Venchem Ltd  Fine chemical manufacturers. Profile, capabilities, facilities and list of chemicals in regular production.

    W.S. Lloyd  A distributor of linseed, tung, and castor oil for use in the manufacture of paints, pharmaceuticals, plastics, cosmetics, and surface coatings.

    Yule Catto & Co plc  A speciality chemical company that operates in four sectors: polymer chemicals, pharmaceutical and fine chemicals, performance chemicals, and building products.

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    search everywhere Chemicals and Allied Products

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