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  • DoYourOwnSite  From building a small site about yourself or your business, right the way up to a full  Offers subscription-free access.  Internet service provider of free RTB and ISDN connections in the U.K.

    0845internet  Offers internet access with no email acces, but SMTP and newsgroup access.

    Abel VISP  Business-oriented service offering branded ISP services to other companies.

    Ace Internet  Subscription-free ISP that also offers domain name registration and NT or UNIX hosting.

    ADSL 4 Home  United Kingdom DSL provider offering connectivity as well as equipment.

    Affinity Internet Holdings Plc  Offers branded virtual internet service provision to corporate customers.

    AIC-ENTANET  Offers dial-up services & web hosting, broad band, leased line connection.

    Alcom Internetix Ltd.  Modem, ISDN and leased line access as well as web hosting.


    Beebware  Modem and ISDN access, news server, unlimited email addresses and webspace.  Email addresss and webpage.

    BlueChip Internet  Offers ISDN, Internet access, dedicated gateways, virtual and secure servers.

    Boltblue  provider of internet access to ntl's non-cabled customers, including customers using

    BoSInternet ISP  Bank of Scotland`s ISP service.

    BowieNet  Subscription service offering rare David Bowie tracks, clips and David's online journal.

    British Telecom (BT)  BT is a UK wide communications solutions provider with a global reach in the business market.

    Broadband Speed Test  Downloadable speed testing utility, testing both ping times and download speeds.

    Broadband-Help  Broadband site, including a broadband ISP listing with user ratings, discussion forum and buyers guide.

    Business Serve  Provides hosting, connectivity (including Broadband internet, Dial up & Leased lines), and e-applications solutions to the home, small to medium sized business, reseller and partner, wholesale, and corporate sectors.

    Callnet  Webspace and email address.

    Callnet UK  Provides net access for private and business use.

    CambsNet  Not for profit ISP offering FrontPage web hosting.

    Care4free  Offers modem dial-up access and on-line credit card donation to a variety of charities.

    Care4free  Provides a variety of fast and reliable internet and email connection solutions.

    Church UK  Christian ISP with a Christian discussion forum and church directory.

    City Access Internet  Offers dial-up access and webspace with variety of themed web and email addresses including cricket club and town names.

    Club 24  Email addresses, PHP webspace support.

    Cocoon Internet Services Ltd  Offer subscription access, web design and internet training.

    Compuserve UK  Business oriented AOL Europe subsidiary.

    Connect-4-Free  Email address and webspace.

    Connecting Business  Portal to business portals.  Offers webspace, unlimited email addresses, newsgroups and fax and voice to e-mail solution.

    CYBERphile  Internet service providers to the small to medium size business (SME) market.

    Cymru 1  Offers both unmetered and subscription-free internet access, site design, web hosting and domain registration packages. Contains company profile, a product list, and forum. (English and Cymraeg}

    Dabsol  Access from Dabs, the computer seller.

    Datanet  Provider of Internet services to UK business.

    Densitron´s Free Connection  Simple web access, with no email addresses.

    dial media group  Web consultancy and design agency specialising in viral marketing and customer relationship management.

    DialStart  Offers unlimited email addresses and free webspace. No online signup.

    Directional Solutions  Offers subscription access, webmail, virtual servers, hosted servers and e-business.

    DIY homemove  Provide a quick, easy and affordable internet based service for users of all abilities to market their homes and search for future properties.

    Drakken Ltd  Dial up and ISDN access.

    easynetdial  Offers three connectivity options ranging from dial-up speeds of 56Kbps through to 1Mbps Broadband speeds.  A subscription-free ISP. It provides UK-wide 0845 "pay as you go" internet access, plus the following free features for all dialup users.

    Eidosnet  News, ISDN, free email addresses and web space.

    EidosNet  Provides fast free internet access.

    Enames Ltd  Provides web hosting, email packages, and domain names.

    Fast United Kingdom Connections Made Easy Ltd.  Subscription free, no webspace.

    Fenetre Ltd  Provider of Internet services to UK business and homes.

    Fish  An ISP which passes a portion of the call charges on to the charity Christian Aid. Offers a portal to their campaigns against poverty, Christian religious resources and guides to ethical finance.

    Free 2 Connect  Simple email and web access.

    Free Net Name  Provides free domain registration and hosting on local rate access. Closed to new subscribers.

    Free Wire  News, webspace and unlimited email addresses.

    Free-Internet  Free webspace and newsgroup access.  Free internet access service from BBC Worldwide.

    FreeGratis  Free access at off peak times only.

    Freeisp  Modem or ISDN access, unlimited e-mail, web space, and full newsgroup access.

    Freeneasy  ISP also offering domain registration, site hosting and design.

    FreeNet  Newsgroup access, unlimited email addresses.

    Freeola  Subscription free ISP, offers free web space and domain hosting.

    FreeUK  25Mb of webspace, unlimited e-mail addresses and newsgroup access.

    Freewire  Provider of free internet access.

    Freezone  Offers internet access, web hosting and email service.

    G-Net Online  ISP offering hosting and domain registration.

    GEN Professional  Offering connectivity, hosting, design, and consultancy services.

    Get Free Internet  Provides subscription-free modem internet access. Also offers branded internet access to any site and web design.  Offers ISDN and dial-up modem access, web space, web mail and newsgroup servers.

    Globix  Provider of Internet infrastructure and network services.

    Go-Free  ISP sponsored by Pulse and Scan Computers.

    GreenNet  Subscription based non-profit ISP and collective promoting work for the environment, peace, human rights and development.

    Griffin Internet  Wholesale internet service providers based in the East Midlands.

    Groupvision  Subscription based ISP offering hosting and design.

    GTS Netcom Internet  Business biased subscription based modem and ISDN ISP offering domain hosting.

    Hemscott.NET  Offers modem access and an investment portal, including company directories, forecasts and a portfolio manager.

    Hotlinks Internet Services  ISP also offering domain name registration, webspace, server co-location and leased lines.

    I of M.Net  Unlimited e-mail addresses and web space.

    IAP Broadband  Provides broadband Internet access for homes and businesses.

    Ic24  Portal and subscription-free ISP, backed by The Mirror newspaper.

    Idweb Ltd  ISP that also offers web design, hosting and domain registration.

    In-2-Home  Free ISP backed by Thus.

    INC  ISP and portal.

    Inclarity  United Kingdom based provider offering dial-up service with local access numbers across the globe.  Offers a comprehensive range of Internet services.

    Internet Central  Offering ADSL, SDSL, ISDN, and modem connection, as well as web design and full support and advice.

    Internet-UK  Offers subscription service, domain names, virtual servers and site hosting.

    InWeb Networks  Data and telecommunications provider committed to providing the best quality solutions available in the UK.

    iomart  Provides ADSL, ThinkMail, web hosting, and a variety of communications packages for businesses and consumers.

    IP Support  Providers of branded ISP support and solutions for those wishing to offer hosting, e-commerce hosting and ISP (VISP) services [Flash required].

    Islam Direct  Islamic ISP with links to Muslim sites.

    ISP Review  Features a monthly editor's top 10 list of ISPs, a readership top 50, ISP listings that include a broadband section, busy message boards and regularly updated news.

    IXUK  Modem access.

    Jivenet  Providers of free email, webspace and modem and ISDN access.  Internet service provider specialising in hosting small businesses and single users.

    KeConnect  Offers internet services which includes web access, hosting, design, and domain registration.

    LarkNet  ISP that also offers domain registration and web hosting.

    Legend Internet  Web hosting on Unix or Windows servers with CGI and FrontPage. Also provides domain registration, co-location and dial-up / ISDN / ADSL connectivity.

    Line9  Offers business ISDN and dial-up accounts.

    Lineisp  Free internet access via modem or ISDN, also offers web space and links to internet filtering software.

    Linix  Virtual ISP (VISP), offering services to companies that wish to become a UK ISP, including news servers, webspace and POP mail.

    London Internet Providers EXchange (Lipex)  Offers a free Internet exchange point or peering point.

    Lunatech Research  Offers connectivity and web services.

    Madasafish  Devoted to making access to the Internet simple, safe and straightforward.

    MCI  Provides digital and ebusiness communications services. Previously UUNET.

    Metropolitan Internet  Offers subscription access, hosting, e-commerce and domain registration.  Email and webmail from computer firm Microlog.

    Milestone Net  Access and hosting service also a christian resource site.

    Moose Internet Services  Subscription based ISP, offering web hosting and design.  ISP offering facilities to business clients. Includes free browser based email.

    MSN UK  Portal and ISP offering subscription-free and monthly pre-paid packages from Microsoft.

    MTXnet  Subscription free ISP offering web hosting and domain registration.

    Multi Media Group  Offers multi-media solutions in many areas, from training to Internet services, marketing to kwizoke.

    NDO  Offers webmail, webspace and a free or domain name for each user (though fees are charged for transfer), part of ISION Internet.

    Net 4 Nowt  News and listing site, with comprehensive listings (grouped into broadband, unmetered, subscription and 0845 ISPs), frequently updated news, ISP reviews powered by and a busy forum with discussions on many ISPs.

    Net Solutions Europe Limited (NSE)  Combine latest technologies and hosting solutions with proven database architecture and application design.

    Netcom Internet Ltd  Helps businesses of all sizes across Europe to access the internet, and to work more cost-effectively and efficiently.

    NetDirect Internet Ltd.  NDO provides fast, reliable access and hosting for tens of thousands of individuals and businesses throughout the UK.

    Netmate  Shareware internet time and phone charge calculation software. Features warnings when exceeding daily or monthly limits.

    Netway  Offers subscription modem and ISDN access. Domain registration and NT hosting.

    Nextra UK  Business oriented ISP offering hosting, ISDN, leased line, XDSL and dial-up access. Part of (formerly CIX).

    Nildram  Internet service provider offering broadband, SDSL, dialup access and more.

    OrbitalNet  Modem and ISDN services available. The ISP also sells domain registration, website hosting and co-location.

    Orchid Net  Offering 0845 access and a range of design and hosting services.

    Paston Chase  Offers subscription access and web forwarding.

    Pavilion Internet  Internet service providers.

    Pinnacle Internet  Offers ISP, hosting and development solutions with a real focus on customer care.

    Pipex Dial's subscription based ISP.

    Planet Online  Provides ISDN access and Internet solutions for U.K. businesses.

    Poptel  Supplier of internet services and technical operator of the ".coop" top-level Internet domain.

    Proweb UK Ltd  Nottingham Internet Service Provider offering hosting, statistics packages and internet connection.

    Public Online  Internet service provider.

    PurpleNet  The company offers subscription based ISDN and dial-up access.

    Quik Internet  A global network of ISPs with branches in the UK that offer subscription modem and ISDN access, web hosting and domain registration.

    RedNet Ltd. - onLine  Provides networking, internet and domain name services. Modem/ISP Connection Problems  Details of factors that may limit dial-up connection speeds and connection to ISPs.

    Sitesource  ISP with webspace, email and modem and ISDN access.

    Sky  Offer information on their TV channels and packages.

    Smartone  Offers modem dial-up internet access and web mail access.

    SOS Internet  Barnstaple based internet service provider. Offers Web site design and hosting.

    Star  Offers ISDN, leased line access, virtual hosting, server co-location and security software.

    Strayduck  Internet and telecommunications service provider - Internet access via 0800 numbers.

    Surf 43 on the UK net  Webspace, unlimited email addresses and 56K, V90 or ISDN dialup.

    Surf and save  ISP offering money off your Powergen utility bills for usage.  Providing 20 free ISPs, including Unlimited email aliases, access to newsgroups and webspace.

    SurFree  Offers unmetered dialup access to the Internet.  Fermanagh based subscription ISP.

    SynergyNet  ISP that also sells domains and webspace.

    Sys3Internet  Offers internet access, webspace and email.

    talk 101  Warrington`s longest standing independent Internet service provider.

    Talk Internet  Offers subscription modem and ISDN access.

    TechTeach  Free email and webspace, news groups.

    Telco4u  A quality free internet service, offering up to 5 e-mail addresses and free webspace. Free weekend internet calls if you switch telephone provider and spend money on phone calls.

    Tellnet Internet  Free Internet access and services to UK businesses.

    Tesco Online  Tesco Clubcard members only, with free email addresses, webspace, portal and online shopping.

    The Mail  Webspace and portal.

    The Scream  A busy forum site with news, an unmetered ISP directory and opinions on a variety of ISPs.

    The UK Free Software Network  Offers dial-up modem and dual ISDN ISP services, including web space with PHP and MySQL access.

    TheFreeInternet  Offers conditional unmetered access.  Internet service provider that allows users to become shareholders.  5 free email addresses and webspace, also offers web design, hosting and domain registration.

    Thornet  Briston based subscription ISP. Limited coverage.

    Tiscali Network Reseller  Broadband Internet access reseller.

    Total Connectivity Providers  Offers a full range of Internet services from dial-up accounts to domain and web site hosting and network consultancy.

    Totalise plc  customers are given tradable shares to users for using the company's services.

    Totalserve  Unlimited email addresses and web space.

    UK Fantastic  Free-to-subscribe 0845 Internet access from UK Fantastic.

    UK Online  Includes lifestyle magazines, news services, shopping, Internet access and email.

    UK4Free  Offers webspace, POP and web based email, usenet access and Netmeeting ILS servers.  Linux oriented ISP offering Perl and PHP enabled webspace.

    UKU  Provider of dial-up and dual channel ISDN internet access, includes email addresses in the form and web space.

    Up4Grabs  Web space and email address

    Via Networks  Offers comprehensive range of bundled and stand-alone Internet access and value-added products and services in Europe and the United States.

    Virgin  Comprehensive online content and portal. POP email.

    Virtual Internet  Internet service provider offers domain name registration, managed hosting, dedicated servers.

    Virtual Publishing House  Designers of database-backed web sites, providing creative design, hosting and maintenance.

    Voicenet  Provides U.K. and international phone service as well as Internet connections.

    Voss Net plc  Provider of online database and real-time trading services.

    Waitrose  Part of the John Lewis Partnership. Offers free 24 hour technical support and access to the Waitrose supermarket online services, donates profits to charity.

    Webleicester Ltd  ISP also offering web hosting and domain registration.  Virtual Internet service provider based in the west country serving the Whole United Kingdom.

    West Dorset Internet  Subscription ISP, modem, leased line and ISDN access.

    Which? Online  ISP from the Consumers` Association. Registered subscribers have access to articles from its various magazines.

    WinWeb International  Subscription NT hosting with bundled ISP. Offers SQL server access, SSL, website programming and domain registration.

    Yahoo! UK News: Broadband and ADSL  Listing of broadband news stories aggregated from a number of news agencies.

    Zetnet  An independent internet service providers.

    Zynet  ZyNet was founded in 1994, one of the earliest Internet Service Providers in the UK. The aim being to bring the Internet within easy reach of everyone in the South West of England.

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    search everywhere Internet Service Providers

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