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Data-protection declaration pursuant to § 4 of the TDDSG

By sending us your data, you are consenting to the collection, processing, and usage by Sharelook Internet Services GmbH, of the following person-related data for the purposes specified herein. This consent can be revoked at any time with effect for the future.

§ 1 Responsible authority
Responsible authority in the sense of the Federal Data-Protection Act is

Sharelook Internet Services GmbH
Glockengiesserwall 17
DE-20095 Hamburg
Tel.: +49-231-7280644
Fax: +49-231-7280666

hereinafter referred to as SHARELOOK.

§ 2 Stock data
SHARELOOK shall collect, process and use the person-related data of a customer without further consent only as far as they are required for the execution of the agreement as well as for invoicing. Normally, name, address, telephone number, email address and bank particulars as well as access code of the customer are saved (stock data). These data are collected by means of electronic purchase-order forms.

§ 3 Utility data
Data like the statement of the start, end and scope of the usage of specific tele-services by a user are collected, processed and used only as far as they are required for enhancing the utilization of these services and for invoice purposes. Basically, date and time as well as the time zone of the start and end of the usage, data-transfer, user's IP-address and the type of service utilized are saved in the process.

§ 4 Invoice data
Should data be required for invoice purposes (invoice data), they are saved for a maximum of six months following the despatch of the invoice, else, only if and as long as the user raises objections against the invoice and the invoice is not paid in spite of formal urge to make such payment. Should the data be required for the fulfilment of existing legal, articles-related or contractual retention period, SHARELOOK shall have the right to save the data for a longer period.

§ 5 Pass over of data for invoicing
SHARELOOK shall have the right to pass over invoice data to other service providers and third parties as far as this is required for determining the fee and for invoice settlement with the user. Given the fulfilment of the respective prerequisites, SHARELOOK shall have the right to collect, process and use such person-related data as are required for unveiling as well as stopping illegal utilization and for the purpose of enforcing its own entitlements on the user.

§ 6
The customer shall give SHARELOOK his/her consent, confirming that the person-related data may be used for the purpose of counseling, advertisement, market research or need-conforming structuring of the tele-services. Moreover, SHARELOOK shall have the right to publicise the name, company and address of the customer in a subscriber directory. Sharelook shall have the right to save names in addition to the email address of the customer in order to be able to send personal newsletter and advertisement to the customer.

§ 7 Pass over of data to government authorities
SHARELOOK shall have the right, in accordance with the governing provisions of the the law, to release information to the courts, and prosecuting authorities for the purpose of prosecution.

§ 8 Information on saved data
SHARELOOK shall issue the customer information on the data saved in respect of his/her person on demand, free-of-charge and without delay. The information may also be issued by electronic means if demanded by the customer. Moreover, the customer shall also have the right to revoke the usage specified in § 6.

Data-Protection Representative:
Rechtsanwalt Anselm Withöft
RA-Kanzlei Withöft
Bilker Str. 23
40213 Düsseldorf
T: (0211) 86 399 - 644
F: (0211) 86 399 - 737

The representative for data-protection shall act to ensure compliance with the data-protection act (BDSG) and other provisions on data-protection. For this purpose, the data-protection representative may contact the section responsible for the control of data-protection at the responsible government authority for data-protection in cases of doubt. Particularly, he/she shall

1. monitor the proper usage of the data-processing programs with which help person-related data are to be processed; he/she shall be informed in good time for this purpose, on the intention of the automated processing of person-related data,

2. persons working in the processing of person-related data shall be acquainted through suitable measures, with the provisions of the Federal Data-Protection Act as well as other regulations on data-protection and with the respective special requirements of data-protection.

The data-protection representative shall be provided with an overview of the specifications contained in § 4e clause 1 of the Federal Data-Protection Act as well as on access-authorized persons. In case of § 4d subsection 2 of the Federal Data-Protection Act, the representative for data-protection shall make the specifications in accordance with § 4e clause 1 items 1 to 8 available to every person on demand, in a suitable manner. In case of § 4d subsection 3, clause 2 shall apply to the responsible authority respectively.

As of: November 2003

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