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  • Royal_Commissions
  • Audit Commission  Regulates the proper control of public finances by local authorities and the National Health Service in England and Wales. Site provides news and information on events, the work of the commission and policy guidance.

    British Government Panel on Sustainable Development  Recent reports and a description of the Panel`s function.

    Charity Commission for England and Wales  Regulates the administration and affairs of registered UK charities. Site gives detailed advice and policies on charitable activities, with a searchable database of UK charities.

    Commission for Health Improvement  Independent non-departmental public body aiming to improve the quality of patient care in the NHS. Provides details of the Commission, the results of investigations, studies, reviews and reports.

    Commission for Integrated Transport  Established to provide independent advice to the Government on the implementation of integrated transport policy and to monitor developments in transport and the environment. Provides information on the role and membership of the Commission, plus copies of its reports and publications.

    Commission for Racial Equality, UK  The CRE is a publicly funded, independent organisation that exists to tackle racial discrimination and promote racial equality.

    Criminal Cases Review Commission  Provides information on how to apply to the Commission as well as background information on their work.

    Disability Rights Commission  Independent statutory body established to help secure civil rights for disabled people. Provides information on the rights of the disabled and the Commission's work to promote and secure those rights.

    Electoral Commission  Independent body which reports directly to Parliament, responsible for supervising and implementing the new regulatory framework for the electoral system. Site provides details of the Commission's work and reports.

    Historical Manuscripts Commission  The UK's central advisory body on archives and manuscripts. It maintains the National Register of Archives, ARCHON, and the Manorial Documents Register.

    House of Lords Appointments Commission  Recommends and vets individuals for membership of the House of Lords. Provides details of the applicable codes of conduct, criteria and a nomination form.

    Human Genetics Commission  The UK Government's advisory body on how new developments in human genetics will impact on people and on health care. Its remit is to give ministers strategic advice on the "big picture" of human genetics, with a particular focus on social and ethical issues.

    Legal Services Commission  Responsible for the development and administration of Community Legal Service and Criminal Defence Service, formerly known as legal aid. Includes information on what aid is available, how to apply and the qualification criteria.

    Low Pay Commission  Advises the Government on the implementation of the National Minimum Wage. Site provides details of the Commission and its work, with online versions of its publications.

    Office of the Commissioner for Public Appointments  Describes the role of the Commissioners in monitoring, regulating and providing advice on Government Departments' procedures for Ministerial appointments to public bodies. Includes details on how to contact the OCPA.

    Office of the Parliamentary Commissioner (Ombudsman)  Describes the role of the Ombudsman in supplementing the work of MPs in investigating complaints and possible injustices. Site explains how the complaints procedure operates.

    Policy Commission On The Future Of Farming And Food  Announced 9 August 2001. Final report issued on 29 January 2002 as one of the three FMD Inquiries. Site includes meetings, responses and the report.

    Postcomm - The Postal Services Commission  Independent regulator and advisory body on the Post Office. Information on the work and composition of the Commission, with guidance and background information on the regulation of the UK postal services sector.

    The Agriculture and Environment Biotechnology Commission  Strategic advisory body on biotechnology issues affecting agriculture and the environment. Information about the Commission and its work, with downloadable copies of reports.

    The Industrial Injuries Advisory Council  Describes the role, activities and publications of the IIAC, an independent statutory body which advises the Government on the industrial injuries scheme.

    The Information Commissioner´s Office  Office responsible for the enforcement of the Data Protection Act 1998, and also responsible for Freedom of Information. Offers guidance on principles of data protection and advice on compliance. Formerly known as the Data Protection Commissioner.

    The Law Commission  Independent body established by Parliament in 1965 to keep the law of England and Wales under review and to recommend reform when it is needed.

    The Millennium Commission  Independent body in established in 1993 to distribute Lottery money to millennium projects. Provides information on the Commission and its work, including advice on how to apply for Lottery funds.

    The National Care Standards Commission  Independent public body set up under the Care Standards Act 2000 to regulate social care and private and voluntary health care services throughout England. Provides information on the work of the Commission and its standards and inspections regime.

    The Office of the Civil Service Commissioners  An independent body reporting directly to the Queen responsible for ensuring open and fair recruitment to the UK's Civil Service. Provides information and publications relating to the work of the Commissioners.

    Women´s National Commission  Official independent advisory body giving the views of women to the Government. Provides information on the Commission, its publications and consultative documents.

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    search everywhere Advisers and Commissioners

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    Advisers and Commissioners Advisers and Commissioners Advisers and Commissioners

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