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Terms and Conditions of Service for the Sharelook Express Service

Please read these guidelines carefully before submitting your site. Sites which do not conform to these guidelines will not be accepted for entry into the directory.

Your web site must be in German, or contain user information for users resident in Germany. Your web site must contain original text. Your web site may not contain unprotected pornography, advertising which is pornographic (according to the German Ordinance for the Protection of Young People, Jugendschutzverordnung) or unsuitable for minors, content which is erotic or unsuitable for minors, needlessly or graphically represented violence, material which damages or infringes the rights of third parties, or material which promotes or spreads illegal activities. Your web site must contain sufficient added value for the user. Your web site must be accessible around the clock, seven days a week. Your web site may not contain unfinished contents or broken links. Your web site must display good availability. Your web site may not mirror any other web page or re-direct to another web page.

Please note: our editors routinely monitor all web sites in our catalogue in order to ensure that they continue to conform to our guidelines. Any web site which does not conform to our guidelines will be removed from the catalogue.


"Sharelook Express Service" is a chargeable service of Sharelook Internet Services GmbH, (Sharelook), which offers guaranteed and prompt examination of your web site by qualified editors for acceptance into the Sharelook web catalogue.

1. Contract

The "Sharelook Express Service" is available to you in accordance with these conditions, as established here.
When you fill in the "Sharelook Express Entry Page" and click on the "Submit" button, you make a declaration effective in law that you are of age, that is, 18 or more years of age, that your information in the registration form is in accordance with the truth, complete, up to date and precise, and that you agree to these GTCs. If you represent a company, you declare that your company agrees to these GTCs.

2. Obligations of Sharelook

2.1 As a service in return for your payment and the despatch of your data in the "Sharelook Express Service", Sharelook will:

  • have your web site inspected by an editor for acceptance into the Sharelook directory;
  • reply to you within 5 working days (this period begins with the receipt at our premises of the complete documents for the "Sharelook Express Service" by email or fax; excepted are weekends and bank holidays applicable for Sharelook, together with delays resulting from problems in the processing of your request or your valid payment; and
  • inform you by email whether and where your web site was accepted into the directory, or not.

2.2 Sharelook reserves the sole right of decision as to what pages are accepted into the directory. Acceptance of your web site into the directory is not guaranteed.

2.3 If your web page is accepted into the directory, Sharelook exclusively reserves the following rights, but will take account of your wishes:

  • the determination of the title, the assessment and the categorisation of your entry,
  • control of the content and the wording of all page assessments; and
  • to remove your page from the catalogue, move it to another category or sub-category and/or to alter or remove keywords, comments or remarks at any time and without giving reasons.

3. You confirm and declare that you agree that:

  • nothing in this contract or in the Sharelook directory creates an obligation to accept your web site, to make it accessible through links, or to accept it in any other form into the directory or into any other page in the ownership of or under the management of Sharelook, or to have preferential positioning provided for your page; and
  • your page, if it is accepted into the directory, will be listed there at the sole discretion of Sharelook; and
  • Sharelook is the sole owner of all rights, title and interests of the assessment and categorisation of your web site. (intellectual property rights)

4. Costs

You must pay the registration fee for each web page submitted by you for acceptance, and thereby declare your agreement that this fee is due irrespective of whether your web page is accepted into the Sharelook directory or not. You declare your agreement to provide a valid credit card number as a part of the registration process, and to have this credit card debited with the current fee for the service as soon as the payment instruction is filled in, or to send a valid cheque or bank money transfer. As a consequence of our guarantee to assess each page within a specific period of time, you declare your agreement that Sharelook can begin with the provision of the service immediately after you have filled in the registration page and the payment instructions, and that you cannot cancel the service in any form or effect a refund of fees. You also declare your agreement that you are obligated to pay and that you will pay to Sharelook the current fee for the service, even if you submit for acceptance a page which is already present in the Sharelook directory or when you make an application for an alteration. All fees are payable in German marks, or, from 01/01/2002, in euros.

5. Criteria for the acceptance of web pages

In addition to other criteria which Sharelook can establish at its own discretion, before a page which is submitted for acceptance into the directory can be accepted or refused, the following minimum requirements must be fulfilled in order to conform to the editorial rules of Sharelook:

  • the page must be in the German language;
  • the page must in the estimation of Sharelook contain original content and may not make any content available, directly or through links, which restricts or infringes the rights of another party;
  • the page may not in the estimation of Sharelook offer or make accessible through links any of the following types of content: unprotected pornography (according to the German Ordinance for the Protection of Young People; needless or graphic violence; materials which spread or support illegal activities, or racist, libellous or other damaging materials;
  • the web page must possess sufficient added value;
  • the web page must be accessible seven days a week and around the clock;
  • the web site may not contain unfinished contents or broken links
  • the web page may not be a mirror site or re-direct to another web site.

6. Exceptions and limitation of liability

6.1 The service will be carried out with appropriate proficiency and care, but is in addition provided on a basis of exclusivity and availability, without any guarantee, either of an explicit or of an implicit form.

6.2 Neither Sharelook nor any of its partners, editorial teams, subsidiary companies, employees or appointees are in any circumstances whatsoever liable for business loss, loss of revenue or reputation, loss of utilisation and data loss, business disruption, or indirect, special, coincidental or consequential losses of any kind whatsoever which arise as a result of any part of the service or of the Sharelook directory. (This includes without exception your utilisation and your inability to utilise the service or the acceptance, rejection or removal of the web site proposed by you from the directory, even if Sharelook is aware of the risk of such damage.)

6.3 Sharelook can in no circumstances be held liable for the amount which was actually paid by you to Sharelook in accordance with this contract. Excepted from this are cases of personal injury and death which occur as a result of negligence on the part of Sharelook. In these cases the liability of Sharelook is not restricted by this clause.

6.4 Without restricting the above GTCs, Sharelook expressly declares that no guarantee is made of the number of users who visit your web site or of possible revenues through the utilisation of the service.

6.5 In the event that the area of jurisdiction in which you are located does not permit some or any of the above exceptions from the guarantee or liability, these are not valid.

7. Compensation for damages

You declare yourself willing to compensate in full Sharelook, its partners, editorial teams, subsidiary companies, employees and other appointees in the event of any cases which may arise of liability, damage, loss or costs (including appropriate process costs and expenses) which occur as a result of any contravention on your part of this contract or by any infringement on your part of the rights of third parties through the service provided, your use of the service provided, or the acceptance of your web page into the directory. Sharelook has the right (but not the obligation) to take on at its own cost the exclusive defence and full control of any case which falls under your obligation to provide compensation for damages. Your obligation to provide compensation for damages is not further relieved thereby.

8. Usage of your data

You declare your agreement that Sharelook may use the information about you on its servers and that all registration data which you have given may be used for market research and product development purposes, in marketing, and for other promotional purposes. You declare that Sharelook has the right (but not the obligation) to pass on such information (insofar as necessary) in the event that Sharelook entertains the justified assumption that this passing on is necessary in order to fulfil legal requirements or to ensure the observance of this contract.

9. General Provisions

9.1 In conjunction with the guidelines of the "Terms and Conditions of Service of the Sharelook Express Service", this contract forms the complete legal accord between the parties with respect to the service, and thus replaces all preceding contacts, declarations (excluding consciously false statements), agreements and contracts, of a written or oral nature, between the parties with respect to the service.

9.2 No party is liable to the other party if loss or damage occurs as a result of delay or non-fulfilment of this contract insofar as this delay or non-fulfilment is wholly or partly to be attributed to events, circumstances or reasons of force majeure.

9.3 All notifications which are required or permitted under the conditions of this contract or the law are carried out by email or in writing, and are deemed to be delivered on incoming receipt by the addresses (at the addresses given below). If email information is directed to Sharelook, it should be addressed to . Other written information should be addressed to Sharelook Internet Services GmbH, Glockengiesserwall 17, DE-20095 Hamburg, Germany. If you are the recipient of this information, it will be addressed to the email or postal address given by you on the registration page of the "Sharelook Express Service".

9.4 This contract and the relationship of the parties (and any litigation, differences, investigations or demands of any kind whatsoever which arise from this contract or its formulation) will be regulated in accordance with and in observance of German law. You and Sharelook irrevocably declare that all jurisdiction with respect to hearings and trials of cases, legal actions and proceedings belongs to the German courts, and that the place of judgement is Hamburg.

9.5 Should any condition or declaration in this contract prove in any form to be invalid, illegal or not enforceable, this condition or declaration will be separated from the other conditions and declarations, which continue to retain their full legal measure of validity and enforceability. You declare that proceedings that relate to this contract or the service or your acceptance into the directory can only be initiated within one year after provision of the service which provides the cause for the legal action.

9.6 The headings in this contract only serve comprehensibility and have no influence on the contents and interpretation of the document.

9.7 If one party refrains from enforcing the contract or the strict fulfilment of the contract or a part of it by the other party, this does not constitute surrender of the right on the part of this party to enforce these regulations or agreements.

9.8 This contract and the rights affected by it can only be changed or removed by a written document signed by both parties.

  • Terms and Conditions of Service for the Sharelook Express Service: uk_gsc_express.pdf (28KB)
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