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In autumn 1995, three Internet enthusiasts - the technical expert Joachim Baxmann and the business men Andre Buchloh and Michael Vlatten - had the idea of establishing an Internet directory in German. Sharelook was born.

After initial preparatory work and an intensive testing phase, Sharelook Germany started operations in August 1995 at the URL

As early as March 1997, it was possible to bring the Austrian edition of Sharelook into the net - with its own server in Vienna, to provide Austrian users with a high level of quality and speed.

In autumn 1997, Sharelook expanded its range of services: Sharelook-Chat went online, and then a news ticker and a news journal were added. For this, Sharelook took advantage, in the form of a strategic partnership, of the experience, expertise and technology of the well-known new agency Agence-France-Presse (AFP).

Sharelook France, the directory for France and the whole French-speaking area came into service in January 1998 at the URL

The year 1998 brought two more important co-operations for Sharelook: in October, Sharelook licensed its German language web directory to Excite. The internationally active media company thereby gained access to the know-how and experience that Sharelook had gathered through the establishment and management of its catalogues in Germany, Austria and France.

In November 1998, Sharelook Switzerland concluded a co-operation deal with the internationally active media organisation Ringier.

In May 1999, Sharelook took an important strategic decision and transferred the majority shareholding to the European e-solutions provider EuroServe in order to gain a powerful and competent partner for its further expansion.

Sharelook Germany significantly expanded its range of services in September 1999 with the specialist directories Sharelook-Film and Sharelook-Musik, and also continued to drive forward further internationalisation: since November 1999 there has been, the largest web catalogue for Italy.

In the year 2000, Sharelook also continued to pursue consistent development. New specialised directories offer highly up to date content, including Telecommunication and WAP, football and literature.

In June 2000, another milestone entered the net: With this, Sharelook entered new territory, and expanded into Eastern Europe as the first web directory. Sharelook now serves the Hungarian market with a comprehensive directory. Sharelook Chat can also be conveniently used by Hungarian users.

In September 2000, Sharelook introduced its first chargeable service, the "Expresseintragsdienst", or Express Registration Service. For only 98 euros, each entry is guaranteed to be checked and accepted within 5 days, as long as it does not contravene the usage regulations.

In June 2001, Sharelook concluded a comprehensive co-operation contract with the technical services provider Tri-W-Data

In October 2001, the technical expert Joachim Baxmann withdrew from Sharelook and gave up his shareholding.

In January 2002, Sharelook expanded, taking over the meta search machine Apollo 7, and integrated this into its European portal.

In March 2002 a further milestone was reached as Sharelook took over the games portal Oldgamez With this, Sharelook closed a gap in this area.

In June 2002, Sharelook started throughout Europe with a new search technology based on an Oracle database. Now, as well as the "and" search, searching with the Boolean operators is also possible.

At Christmas 2002, Sharelook released a new user-friendly layout for the users of, thus giving them a little Christmas present. The other country versions are also successively being converted to this layout.

As a new component of this layout, as well as products such as and, there is now for the first time a live search Here, visitors can look at what other users have just searched for.

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