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  • AdoptaFarm  Contains stories and information about lambs. Facilities for adoption of lambs together with membership and e-mail contact addresses.

    All About Scotland  Useful historical resource with useful content.

    Calor Gas Scottish Community of the Year  Annual award scheme for cities, towns, villages and rural communities in Scotland.

    Community Enterprise in Strathclyde  Organisation for the provision of specialist support and development services to social economy organisations in the childcare, housing and local financial services sectors.

    Count Grand Orange Lodge of Central Scotland  One of four main County Lodges within the Grand Orange Order in Scotland.

    First Foot  Covers the myth, magic, beliefs and baloney, history, mystery and blistery feet upon the walk of Scottish life that is Hogmanay.

    Meeting the Childcare Challenge  The need for a Scottish childcare strategy.

    Scot Talk: The Talk of Scotland  An extensive list of discussion forums on a variety of Scottish related subjects  Describing the intended launch of a dating and contact service, mailing list registration option, e-mail link.

    Scottish Communities Web Database  A collection of links to village, town, city and region specific community web sites throughout Scotland.

    Scottish Culture  Explore everything from ancient Scottish traditions to the latest news from the auld sod. Includes archaeology, hotels, clans, tartans. From

    Scottish Loyalists  Articles on the Orange Order, Apprentice Boys, the Loyal Orders, Scottish and Ulster history and the Loyalist paramilitaries.

    Scottish Out of School Care Network (SOSCN)  Site for school-aged childcare and learning sector in Scotland. Information and links for parents, childcare workers and children.

    Simply Scottish Media  Scottish culture, history, tradition, and current events. Includes radio programs, interviews, prize draws, monthly feature collections, resources, and links.

    soc.culture.scottish  Guide to Scottish culture and many links to related sites.

    The Scottish Website  Contains Scottish and international penpals, Scottish literature, music, events, photography, performers and contacts.

    Visitor to Scotland  A directory listing links to sites dealing with Scotland's culture, history and heritage.

    What sort of Scotland do we want to live in?  The Millennium debate on Scotland's future - in preparation for the World Summit on Sustainable Development in 2002. E- Consultation running till 8th October 2001.

    What's Under the Kilt?  A colourful online book providing a flavour of Scotland through the humorous eyes of the world's worst tourist guide - Robin Mitchell. The book touches on ten topics stereotypically associated with the Scots.

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    search everywhere Society and Culture

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